Please note, this feature is still in beta. If you are not comfortable using a beta feature, please wait until this feature is out of the beta cycle. 

The waitlist feature allows patrons to join a standby list for sold-out events, providing them with an opportunity to be notified if more tickets become available.

NOTE: Waitlist and Pre sale (tickets not on sale yet) can not be done at the same time! If you're doing a pre-sale event, disable the waitlist on the event first under the marketing tab for the event. 

PLEASE NOTE: To use the Waitlist function 

1. The promoter account must be in multi-step checkout under SET UP > EVENTS > EVENT SETTINGS.
Click the GENERAL SETTINGS icon and make sure the ticket selection process and set to Multi-Step Checkout. 

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2. The event can not be in single step checkout. Events that use single step checkout display all event dates on a single page, therefore the wait list can not be used in this event set up. 

Accessing Global Waitlist Settings 

Global Level - navigate to SET UP > EVENTS > EVENT SETTINGS and click the Waitlist button. Click enable and fill out the form with the desired settings and press SAVE. 

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Accessing Event Level Waitlist Override (required if global setting has been turned on and modifications are made to the global setting and events are live. If you make changes to the global setting after you first enable waitlist feature, you need to update waitlist messages and setting on active events).

Event Level - navigate to OPEN EVENTS and select the MARKETING TAB from the event you want to modify. On the MARKETING TAB, click the WAITLIST button and fill out the form with the desired settings and press SAVE.

How To Notify Patrons On The Waitlist

If you refund tickets and seats are now available, go to the BOX OFFICE tab and click the Waitlist option to open up the list of guests. You can notify all or just select patrons on the list via email or text. 

Note: Twillio is required for text message notifications. Text Messaging - Powered by Twilio

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How to be notifed someone has been added to the waitlist

Subscribe to Event Sold / Waitlist alert under SET UP > MORE > ALERTS AND NOTIFICAIONS to be notified when an event sells out or patrons are added to the waitlist. 

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